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If you're getting a new apartment, you probably consider its monthly rent to be the make or break deal on choosing it. But even when you do find a reasonable rent price, you still have many other startup costs to go with it such as application fees, an initial deposit, utility and possibly cable hookup and many other things. Even if you can afford the monthly rent, you might need just a little extra money to help with the startup costs. If you're unsure where to get the extra money from, our auto title loans in Plano, TX can help you.

Making A Down Payment On An Apartment With Car Title Loans In Plano, Texas

Even if you're getting a new apartment, you can still get a loan if you own a vehicle, and the equity in that vehicle can be borrowed through a vehicle title loan. How it works is you bring your vehicle and title to one of our lenders and they'll evaluate the vehicle to see if it qualifies for the loan amount you want. If it does, you'll surrender your title to the lender and receive your loan funds. The lender holds onto your title until the loan is repaid in full, but you do get to keep your vehicle in the meantime and bring it to your new apartment.

You Can Get More With Vehicle Title Loans In Plano, TX

One reason vehicle title loans in Plano, TX are chosen is because they offer a little more than other loans such as payday loans. Neither title loans nor payday loans require much paperwork and both can be used without having to state what you'll use them for, but auto title loans have a little more bang for their buck for a few reasons.

1. Auto title loans are secured

Giving the lender your vehicle title makes your loan secured, similar to a pawnshop loan or a secured credit card. Because it is secured, you don't have to worry about having great credit or undergoing a strict employment check, though you do need income. Payday loans don't usually have credit requirements, but they may require you to have a checking account in good standing.

2. Auto title loans can go up to $10,000

It's rare that you'll get a title loan for as much as $10,000, but if you have a newer vehicle and it has little wear on it, you could certainly get a few thousand dollars in a title loan. Payday loans usually won't cover that amount.

3. Auto title loans have longer times to repay and more extension options

Both auto title loans and payday loans are only for short periods, but payday loans generally require complete repayment in two weeks maximum. Auto title loans usually offer longer times and in some cases also let you get extensions.

How You Qualify For Vehicle Title Loans In Plano, TX

In order to surrender your vehicle title to a title loan lender, you have to make sure you have no liens on it. Clearing the liens usually means fulfilling financial obligations to any parties who have financed or have claims on your vehicle. You may have to pay a small fee to the DMV as well to have the cleared title updated.

If you have a clear title, you can then start filling out our application which includes a vehicle title loans in Plano, TX estimate form. You will need to include your contact information so that once you've received your estimate, we can setup an appointment to finish the in-person phase with a lender near you. To do this, you'll also need the following:

  • Government-issued ID such as a driver's license or military ID that has a current photo and shows you're 18 or older, and are a legal Texas resident
  • One other document that has financial information such as a paycheck copy, tax return, or lease

You'll bring these documents and your vehicle to one of our stores. Once you finish signing the agreements and surrender your title, you'll be notified shortly if you qualify for vehicle title loans in Arlington, TX and usually receive your money within hours.

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